Thanks so much to everyone for the beautiful birthday “wishes”. I am truly blessed with the most amazing circle of friends. As each “birthday” year approaches I come to realize that life is precious and time is so delicate and fragile. It moves so quickly and is never promised beyond this exact moment. What we choose to do with our time and those that we choose to spend it with leaves imprints on the hearts of those we hold dear. In sending thoughts to me on my birthday, you have each chosen to do that and my heart is full. I want to say that I had the most amazing day with someone I hold dear and the memories made will be what I will forever carry with me.

Life is a gift and the journey of our life is the gift that we pass to others. It is the dash on our lifespan of time that is the most important. May I never forget that and for whatever time I have in my journey I pray that I leave many imprints on hearts of those that I have been blessed to know along the way.

Best Birthday Ever!!!!!

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