Family by Choice

What is family???  In a time where many are looking to find out what their heritage is and where they “come from”, it is an interesting question to ask, “What is Family”?

I believe that family is by choice.  Throughout our life we make “additions” to our family and open our hearts to many that are not part of our family tree but we choose to add them to our family.  As we journey through our life and create our own individual story, many people come in and out of that story in so many ways.  We are drawn to people that share our own interests, share our passion for life, bring energy and joy into our life and that give us deeper meaning and direction.  We should strive to always surround ourselves with people who make us want to be “better” and help us dig deeper to strive to be “more” than we are by ourselves.  In a world of so many options to meet people how wonderful it is to have this ability to add to our family.

I am blessed to have so many great people in my life that have helped shape and direct me in positive ways.  People bring energy with them, some good, some not so good, but the great thing is you have a “choice” to invite them into your family and fill your story with so many great experiences and shared memories.  I just had the experience of saying goodbye to someone that I invited to be part of my family and it was very powerful.  I was with him as he lived his final days and to see the joy and expression while we sat together was very deep and meaningful.  It made me realize that we all have such great power to love and give of ourselves to really make a difference.  While it was hard to say “goodbye” I realized that we would always remain close through our shared memories and deep ties that we made a choice to make.

Family is made up of many shapes, sizes and colors.  It is open to all ages and the only requirement is that a choice is made to open your heart and invite them in.  I give thanks everyday for my beautiful family and never take for granted all that they mean to me.


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