With the end of summer and the beginning of fall, it seems to be a perfect time to start getting the house ready for the upcoming holidays.  Many of us do this by making changes to the pillows, curtains and bedding; rearranging the furniture and just going through “stuff”.  I find myself going through boxes and drawers full of times that were put away in haste to now ponder and remember the past and recalling so many wonderful memories.

We are reminded just how quickly time passes and while all of this is part of life, it is helpful to stop and reflect on our own “life” journey.  Every item, picture, handwritten note, card and trinket shares in this journey, and we are quickly transported back in time experiencing the thoughts, feelings and even smells that surrounded us in that specific moment. What season of life are you in?  This is a question we will ask ourselves many times over the years as we journey through life, making memories, connecting with friends, creating our family traditions, and just living our lives. There are times when we feel that we can tackle anything and there are other times when we need help from family and friends.  There are times when we feel that all decisions are easy and other times we fell we are not strong enough to even make one decision. There are times when we have the answer to all of the questions and there are times when we have more questions than answers.

Take time to remember your past, reflect on your current state and continue to dream about your future.  Every day is an opportunity to share.  We, at Whispers of Time are thankful, for each of you that have allowed us to be part of your “life” journey.  Whether you are just starting out, whether you are just needing some decorating “enhancements”, whether you are looking to downsize, whether you are looking to combine two households into one, whether the kids are moving in or moving out, whether you are looking to change up your decorating “style”; we are always here to help.  Time is precious and we know just how quickly things can change.  We never want to take that for granted and want you to know just how unique and special each of you are in our journey.

– Terri

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