Saying “Goodbye”

I am reminded of this as a friend that I have only known for a couple of years is planning to move back home and leave the Richmond area.  We had a small gathering for her recently giving all of us an opportunity to wish her well and say “goodbye”.  It was interesting to see how many emotions I became aware of as we were sitting around laughing, talking and sharing with everyone.  Life is full of times when we have to say “goodbye”.  As we move through our own life journey, we are constantly saying “goodbye” to many people, personal items that we love, perhaps homes that we have lived in, family and friends, jobs, even thoughts, ideas and dreams that we have held onto.

As we move through life and we are faced with saying “goodbye” often, I don’t think that perhaps we realize at the time just how emotional this can be.  Whispers of Time has allowed me the opportunity to work with many people as they move through their own journey of letting go and saying “goodbye” to items they have loved and lived with for many years.  These items hold so many emotions for many of us.  They are part of our “life” journey and can bring so many emotions to the surface. Items make us laugh as we remember “events” and “stories” that they’ve been a part of.  They make us cry as we remember perhaps loved ones that have passed.  They remind us of our children growing up when the house was full of crazy times as we help mold them into adults through each stage of their journey.  Saying “goodbye” to all things can be quite difficult and always emotion on many levels.

We at Whispers of Time are here to help you you through all of this.  Perhaps you have your own story of “goodbye” that you’d like to share with us.  Please feel free to do so.  We want this to be an opportunity to build relationships and open a dialogue with each of you on so many levels.  We are excited about what the future holds and we thank you “always” for allowing us to be part of your own unique “journey”.


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