Your story, Your life, Your Journey . . .

Thank you so much for checking out my first Blog post. . . We at Whispers of Time are very excited to be part of sharing ideas, encouragement and love of all things as we each move through life, making our own unique story and creating our own journey filled with memories, traditions and values. Each of us have a purpose in life and it is really up to us to realize that purpose and live it out each and every day. I believe that too many of us live for those “coliseum” moments that we hope will take our breath away and fill us with joy and purpose but in reality it is the everyday moments that we should be living in striving to see beauty in all that is around us. We each need to open our eyes and our hearts to see everything that is part of our own journey every single day. My goal when I opened Whispers of Time many years ago was to share with people the excitement of honoring the past and creating a future. I believe that we are each unique in so many ways and as we move through our life on our own “journey” we have a choice of how to fill our hearts, our homes and our minds with ideas, colors, thoughts and goals to create our own unique style that reflects who we are. There are no decorating rules for that, there are no right or wrong choices for that, it is simply a personal feeling that is a reflection of who each of us are. We choose to create our style as a reflection of our journey, our personal journey that gives purpose to each of us every day as we wake up and move through each moment every single day. It is not about those “coliseum” events but about each moment of every day. Your life, Your journey, Your story. Thank you for allowing Whispers of Time to be part of your own personal journey as we create ours.


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